Discover the Pinnacle of Tattoo Culture at the NYC Urban Tattoo Convention

The NYC Urban Tattoo Convention has steadily grown into a landmark event, celebrated for bringing together a rich tapestry of tattoo artistry and culture. This annual convention is not just an event; it’s a vibrant showcase of creativity, skill, and the evolving trends within the tattoo community. This year, we’re elevating the experience by featuring an even more diverse array of artists, styles, and interactive elements. Our aim is to create an immersive environment where veterans of ink, newcomers, and curious observers alike can immerse themselves in the world of tattooing.

What We Offer

Diverse Range of Artists

Our convention is a melting pot of talent, hosting internationally acclaimed tattoo artists alongside hidden gems from the local scene. Each artist brings their unique style, offering a broad spectrum of techniques ranging from traditional to contemporary, tribal to surrealistic.

Live Tattooing

Witness the magic of needle and ink with live tattooing sessions. These sessions offer a rare glimpse into the meticulous skill and artistic vision involved in creating a tattoo. Attendees can book sessions in advance with their preferred artists, transforming their skin into a canvas of personal expression.

Interactive Workshops

Catering to both budding tattoo artists and seasoned professionals, our workshops and seminars are led by industry veterans. These sessions cover a range of topics, including advanced tattoo techniques, digital design, health and safety standards, and evolving trends in the industry.

Exhibitions and Art Shows

Delve into a world of visual splendor with our curated exhibitions. Featuring a diverse array of tattoo designs, concept art, and multimedia installations, these shows celebrate the intersection of tattoo art with broader artistic disciplines.

Tattoo Competitions

Watch or participate in exhilarating tattoo competitions. These contests are a platform for artists to showcase their best work, judged by a panel of respected figures in the tattoo community. Categories range from specific styles and techniques to themed artistic expressions.

Vendor Marketplace

Our convention is a marketplace of discovery, featuring vendors offering the latest in tattoo supplies, bespoke merchandise, and lifestyle products. It’s an opportunity for attendees to find everything from rare inks and cutting-edge equipment to unique apparel and accessories.